Paving Ideas For Small Gardens

If you have a small backyard or garden, you may not be sure how to pave it to create a patio while still maintaining lots of green space and vegetation. In this blog from Alex Paving & Landscaping, we’ll give you some helpful tips.

1. Use Light Colours To Make The Area Seem Bigger

This is a great small garden design tip. Light colours reflect more light, which means that they tend to make small spaces feel bigger. This is why small indoor bathrooms are often painted with a light colour and have large mirrors.

The same thing applies in landscape design. By using light-coloured sandstone pavers, you can make your garden feel bigger, and create a more comfortable and airy outdoor environment.

2. Create A Garden Path From Your Front Yard

It’s a good idea to pave a garden path from your front yard to your backyard. This helps create a sense of seamlessness and connectedness between the two – creating a more tightly-integrated and welcoming outdoor space. In contrast, if there’s no path between the two, it may not feel as natural to move between them.

3. Build “Levels” To Add Texture & Interest

Areas of raised elevation – even something as simple as a few raised garden beds in a row – and help add visual interest and break up a smaller garden, creating a more welcoming environment. You can also consider using a slightly elevated or sunken patio to add even more texture and appeal to your small garden.

4. Consider An Arbor Or Pergola To Cover Your Paved Patio

Small gardens usually don’t have space for outdoor rooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some shade. Arbors and pergolas are wooden, outdoor structures that allow you to grow ivy, vines, and other such plants – creating a “ceiling” of sorts for your patio or backyard. They’re a great focal point, and help provide shade and comfort from the hot Sydney sun.

5. Don’t Overdo It – Leave Room For Plants, Vegetables & Flowers

It’s tempting to create the largest possible patio in your small garden, but landscape design is all about balance. You need to maintain room for native garden plants, other elements like a water feature, and space where you and your family or guests can enjoy the green grass and vegetation that belong in a garden.

So resist the impulse to pave your entire backyard, or only leave a small strip of greenery – maintain proper balance, and your garden will look its best.

Get More From Your Backyard With These Paving Tips For Small Gardens

Ready to put some of these ideas into practice? Alex Paving & Landscaping is here to help. Contact us online or give us a ring at 02 8044 3334 – we can help you turn your small garden into a beautiful, yet functional outdoor space that you’re sure to love.