Pedestal Paving in Sydney

Pedestal paving systems are a unique type of paving option that allows you to create raised floors over timber decking and a variety of other surfaces, supporting tiles, pavers, and other floor materials without requiring the use of sand base – enhancing drainage, reducing noise, and more.

At Alex Paving & Landscaping, we are specialists in using pedestal paving systems like Buzon height adjustable pedestals. We only use high-quality products that are designed, manufactured, and tested by reputable companies like Buzon for pedestal paving.

How Is Pedestal Paving Used? Understanding The Basic

Pedestal paving can be used to create patios in areas where it would not otherwise be practical to do so – such as roofs, and in areas where it’s not practical to use a sand base.

For example, a Buzon pedestal system may be used to build “green roofs” on buildings, or for the design and development of new water features. Pedestal paving is often used in plazas in city centres and commercial areas, but can also be used in any residential patio application in Sydney.

The height-adjustable pedestals are used together with waterproofing membranes to provide paver support and handle water drainage – resulting in a durable, perfectly-level floor finish with easy access for maintenance.

The Benefits Of Pedestal Paving Systems

Wondering why you may want to use a pedestal paving system for your commercial or residential patio, commercial plaza, or another such project? Pedestal paving systems have a variety of unique benefits, including the following:

Enhanced drainage – Because the pavers are elevated, water does not “sit” below the pavers, and can be drained away with proper design and implementation of the pedestal paving system. This helps reduce wear & tear. Exposure to moisture is a common cause of paver failure over time, so the lifespan of your paved patio or other structure will be prolonged.

Slope correction – With a pedestal raised flooring system, you can install a patio on an uneven surface or slope. Built-in slope correction features allow each pedestal to be adjusted according to the underlying slope – ensuring a completely flat, even floor.

Simple and hassle-free installation – It’s easy to install pavers over pedestals using built-in spacer tabs, which ensures that the pavers are completely even and are resting properly on the pedestal.

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Pedestal paving is a useful option for many residential and commercial paving projects, such as creating raised patios, walkways, and paths. If you’re interested in the benefits of pedestal paving in Sydney, Alex Paving & Landscaping is here to help.

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